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Volcano Potatoes with DIRTY Volcano Sauce

This is a really fun receipt to make. It is a little work, but well worth doing. Especially if you have friends coming over that you want to impress. This is a great recipe to do with your kids. This recipe can be done in your oven. Set the temperature of the oven for 450.

Russet Potato
Shredded Cheddar Cheese or cheese of your choice
Cheese Stick (You don’t need this, but works really well}
1 cup Sour Cream
2 1/2 Tablespoons Bayou DIRT
Thick Bacon
hot sauce

Clean your potatoes really well and dry them off. Set up the grill for indirecxt heating. If you have a gas grill, turn on one burner on high and the rest on off. Wrap them in tin foil and put on the indirect side of the grill for 20 minutes. Take the potatoes off the grill and let rest for 30 minutes. Take the potatoes out of foil. Cut the ends of the potato, and lay it flat on one end. Core out the potato in the middle, but leave some on the bottom. Add some cheese and the the Cheese stick. Cut the stick so it is even with the top. Fill in with more shredded cheese. Wrap a couple of pieces of bacon around the potato and use a tooth pick to hold the bacon. When done, put back on the grill on indirect side of grill for 20 minutes or so, until done. Take off the grill and plate.

To make the lava put the sour cream into a bowl. Along with the Bayou Dirt and hot sauce if you want it. Mix really well until it is fully mixed. Add the sauce on top of the potatoes. Enjoy it is really good.

“Remember, it’s always a good time to get DIRTY!” Todd “The DIRT Man”

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