DIRTY Gourmet Mac and Cheese (You will love it)

We are making an amazing gourmet Mac and Cheese. Todd and his lovely wife Holly, team up to make this great recipe and funny video. This recipe is pretty easy. Don’t be fooled this recipe is so good you are going back for seconds and thirds. Enjoy!!
1 Cup of Diced Ham
6 Green Onions
2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 Tablespoons of Butter or Margarine
4 Tablespoons of Flour
4 cups of Milk 2%
4 cups of Monterey Jack Cheese shredded
1/2 of Parmesan and Romano Cheese Shredded
2 Teaspoons of Original Todd’s DIRT
3/4 Teaspoons of Black Cracked Pepper
1/2 Teaspoon of Salt (Kosher)
1 Box of Small Pasta Shells (might say medium on box)

Boil some water and add the pasta shells and cook until done. Dice up a cup of Ham and cut the green onions into little pieces. In a medium heat pan you will add the olive oil, ham and green onions. Cook for a few minutes until ham has some color on it. In a bowl add the pasta, ham and onions. In another pan melt the butter and add the flour to make a roux. Cook the flour for a minute and then add the milk and stir. Add both cheese’s a little at a time and keep stirring. Add the Original DIRT and the salt and pepper. Mix until it thickens up like in the video. Add this to the bowl and mix well. Pour the mixture into a casserole pan and cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Put on a plate and enjoy this amazing gourmet Mac and Cheese.

“Remember, it’s always a good time to get DIRTY!” Todd “The DIRT Man”

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