SIZES: 4.25 OZ, 9.75 OZ, 1.5 POUND BOTTLES

Awarded a 2016 Scovie Silver Medal for Best Cajun Seasoning. The BAYOU DIRT went up against many other seasonings from all over the country and won the prestigious award for BEST Cajun Seasoning in 2016.

Get ready to get your lips smacking, because we have created a Creole/Cajun style seasoning that is less salty with a much bolder flavor and a nice late kick of spice. It is a gourmet seasoning that has 16 spices. It is 100% All Natural with NO MSG and is GLUTEN FREE.  The first thing you notice is the great Creole/Cajun style taste. The second thing you notice is that it does not have the salty lingering effects that you get after tasting similar seasonings. It is lower in sodium and I only use Kosher salt, not iodized salt, like the others on the market. The last thing you notice is the very nice spicy burn that lingers in your mouth.

Put BAYOU DIRT on anything you want to spice up. Try this in your favorite Creole/Cajun recipes or put on steak, beef, pork, chicken, fish, seafood, chili, ribs, vegetables and more. Use the BAYOU DIRT as a rub when you are using it on your grill or BBQ. Use it to blacken your food on the grill.  There are so many uses for the BAYOU DIRT.

Kosher Salt, Paprika, Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder, Chipotle Powder, Oregano, Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Sage and Rosemary

Contains No Allergens


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