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This is a lick your plate after your done recipe. Todd shows you how to make this amazing Fettuccine Alfredo recipe that will not disappoint. He also grills the DIRTY chicken that he flattened and grilled it on a Weber grill. One taste and you will be hooked. This recipe can feed up to 10 people, so cut it in half if you don’t want so much leftovers. Enjoy!

One Chicken breast
1 Pint of Half and Half
1 1/2 Pints of Whipping Cream
4 oz of Butter
8 oz of Romanno Shredded Cheese
One Cup of Graded Parmesan Cheese
3 Teaspoons of Garlic or three cloves of garlic
1 Tablespoon of Original Todd’s DIRT
16 oz of Fettuccine Pasta

Take the chicken breast and smash it down until the chicken is flat and even. Put Extra Virgin Olive Oil all over the chicken and sprinkle The Original Todd’s DIRT all over the chicken. Grill the chicken until looking juicy.

In a preheated pan put the half and half and the whipping cream into the pan and mix. When it gets hot, add the Butter, garlic and the Todd’s DIRT. When the butter has melted and it starts to boil add the cheese’s, and mix until melted. Cook the pasta and put it into a bowl. Pour the Alfredo over the top of the pasta and mix well. Add more Parmesan if you like. Plate the pasta and cut the chicken into cubes or strips and put it on the top of the pasta. Enjoy!!!

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“Remember, it’s always a good time to get DIRTY!” Todd “The DIRT Man”

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