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I ordered my first bottle of Dirt. I was attracted to Todd's site because of the large NO GLUTEN advertising that I noticed on this site. See, my wife cannot eat anything with gluten as an ingredient. So no wheat products for her. Nothing with autolyzed yeast extract (read: NO MSG) as well. And since I love to cook on the grill - well, since I love to cook period - I wanted to include my wife in the things that I love to eat.  The first item that I cooked on the grill after receiving the Dirt were chicken thighs. Ummm. Really for me mostly though because my wife really doesn't like dark meat. So I loaded up both sides of the thighs with my new Dirt seasoning and proceeded to cook each piece about 4-5 minutes each side. I then put some Bone Suckin Sauce on each side and OMG...I have never in my life had a thigh that tasted that good that was that simple to cook! Seriously, that stuff is the bomb! She actually had two thighs because of the flavor. Since then, I have taken from the cabinet all the miscellaneous spices that we had in there and thrown them in the trash.  I have since tried Dirt in tuna fish (wonderful), on pizza (get away salt), on rib eyes (incredible), and am now eating some Dirt on Mac and cheese as I am typing this. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be cooking us some wings on the grill to have while we watch the Red Wings play. They will be cordially introduced to Dirt!  My wife has since posted about Dirt on a gluten free message board as being something that simply has to be tried.

Thank you Todd for your perfect seasoning. I will be ordering more - in a much larger bottle - soon.
                                                                                         Richmond VA
Hey Dirt Man,
You know why I support you? Upon meeting you, I told you what my
favorite product was when grilling and you agreed that it was a good product. You could of downplayed the product and tried to convince me that your Dirt was the best thing on the planet. You kept it real and didn't seem like one of those "trying to get rich overnight salesmen." Instead, you convinced me with confidence to try your product and said that I would enjoy it. You were right! Dirt Man, your products are like none other on the market that I have tasted. Your Dirt adds a new and exciting flavor to vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood. I encourage you to reach the masses because this product can add new flavor to foods such as vegetables which many aren't too excited about eating when seasoned the old conventional way (i.e. seasoned with salt and pepper). I've been incorporating Dirt in my cooking ever since I purchased from you. I receive many compliments from the dishes I prepare and by incorporating these Dirt seasonings in my cooking/grilling, the compliments continue to pile on. Not only does the flavor of this Dirt seasoning make me want to go out and buy but my experience as a customer has been so great, that I've decided to always have a bottle of Dirt on standby FOR LIFE --Goodbye Season All!
                                                      Your customer for life,
                                                                        Rob "Bones" Franks 

Dear Todd,
Finally, I know you collect comments on Dirt for your website, but we just had to send you a personal message to let you know you have really "hit the jackpot" with what you have created. Dirt is delicious, Crabby Dirt is fabulous....but Bayou Dirt is our absolute favorite! There is something about ALL of these seasonings that really enhances food without overpowering it, and the Bayou Dirt really adds a unique and tasty flavor that compliments food in such a way that we now automatically think "Dirt" when preparing food. It's our new "salt and pepper." While I love cooking shows, I am not one to branch out with a lot of new things in the kitchen, but I will tell you, my Bayou Dirt meatloaf is a hit! Erik's grilled chicken is absolutely mouthwatering with Bayou Dirt. And, as I told you, our son, Joey, a junior in college, ASKED for all three kinds of Dirt to use as he prepares meals with his three roommates. We even used Dirt on quesadillas when our neighbors were over, and everyone LOVED them!! All three kinds of Dirt are incredibly versatile, and it's a rare spice blend that seems to go well with ANYTHING you'd want to put seasoning on. Using Dirt makes me feel like a gourmet cook, and Erik is enjoying grilling even more now---so much so that he'll battle the cold and rain for a good piece of DIRTY MEAT!! Thank you for sharing Dirt with us. We are hooked, and we are sharing it with everyone we meet!! 
Pat and Erik


Dear Mr. Dirt man,

After testing  all 3 Dirt flavors, I am HOOKED and the family asks for it by name! Hell even friends and neighbors are asking before coming over, did you cook with that Dirt stuff?? Who needs all them other spices if you have your rubs in the cupboard.  Being a faithful customer to another brand I was iffy on taking the first step on trying your rubs.  After cooking and seeing how tasty and flavorful they were and being so low in salt was a great plus!!!   I use Dirt in all my cooking from eggs to steaks on the BBQ to my homemade spaghetti sauce, it is the go to ingredient that brings what ever you cook to the next level!  Thanks for adding so much flavor to our house!

Michel Beaulieu

Todd - Looks like your dirt is a hit with my family back in Kentucky! Here is a text message that I just got from my sister.
Could you please pick up Lisa some Todd's dirt? Mom n dad need some too because I stole there's.  Thanks we love this stuff.
                                                                                    Tom S,
                                                                                    Now in Maryland from KY


Dear Dirt Man,
I received some of your Crabby Dirt a couple of months ago for a birthday present.  I have to first tell you I am a Old Bay fanatic.  I put it on everything.  Well I tried  the Crabby Dirt on some crab cakes and could not believe how good it was.  It was better then Old Bay.  I have since put it on shrimp, chicken, spaghetti sauce, eggs and French fries. I cannot believe how good it is.  I have to tell you, I no longer use Old Bay.  I love your Crabby Dirt.  I just bought one of you bigger bottles.  I am hooked.
                                                                                               Timonium, MD

Hello Dirt Guy,
   I met you a couple of weeks ago at a show. I was walking by your booth and you told me you had the best seasoning on the market.  That hooked me to come to your booth, even though I thought Dirt for a name was not very appetizing.  I listened to your Dirty talk to me, which I have to tell you was quite entertaining.  When I tried the Dirty dip, I was hooked.  I bought both kinds of your seasonings, which my husband thought I was crazy.  As he said I have so many bottles of seasonings up in my cabinet. Well he grilled a steak like you told us and it was without a doubt the best steak I have ever tasted.  My whole family is hooked.   I have made soups, steaks, pork chops, and grilled chicken was incredible.  We now have it on our dinning room table.  We used so much of it, I had to buy more on-line.  Well done Dirt Guy.  I am still trying to get used to the name Dirt.  By the way Crabby Dirt has taken over for Old Bay.

                                                                                               Richmond, VA

Dear Todd,
    I want to thank you for saving my meal tonight.  I made some bowtie pasta with a store bought Vodka sauce.  It was pedestrian at best.  My kids are great and did not say a word but I saw it in their faces.  Then it came to me, like a vision
from above, Todd's Dirt.  What a save it made.  With just a sprinkle my kids were on their way to licking their plates clean.  I have had the same success with my kids and peas.  Now it is the only way I cook peas.  One other save
Todd's Dirt made for me was with some pre-made crab cakes.  They were the frozen kind that just don't hold a candle to my hand made ones, but they ended up in my freezer somehow.  They should have stayed there, but ended up on my plate.  Thanks to Todd's Crabby Dirt I not only finished them all, but actually enjoyed them.  I love your products and have turned many of friends into Dirt fans.  Keep up the good work. Your #1 fan,
                                                                                               Burke, VA


Dear Todd,
    I am a vegan and have a Gluten allergy.  I have used your Dirt and am now your number one fan. You talked me into buying some Dirt at a show. Even though I do not eat dips or regular pretzels.  I tried it on cooked vegetables and it was outstanding.  It brought out the flavors of the vegetables that made me want to eat more.  I have had it on so many things. EVOO and Dirt is such a great combo.   There are so few seasonings out there that I like that are MSG and Gluten free.  Thanks, I was getting tired of my recipes.  I love this Dirt.
                                                                                               Washington, D.C.

Dirt Man:

Since we started using your Dirt, my kids eat just about everything we put in front of them.  Now, it's not "what's for dinner?" it's "Are you using Dirt?"
                                                                                Thanks So Much!
                                                                                 Pam  in

Dear Todd,
I know you hear this a lot.  But I have to tell you we use your Crabby Dirt on everything.  We used to use Old Bay, but not anymore.  My wife and I love it on Chicken and on eggs.  Thank you.

                                                                                  Charles  (Pennsylvania)
Dear Todd the "Dirt Man",
I'm hooked on your Dirt!! I use it on everything...and I do mean everything. It's a must for any serious grill enthusiast. Whether it be burgers, or steak, chicken, fish or veggies, it's perfect. It compliments and enhances food but unlike some other rubs and spices, it's not overbearing. Summer corn with butter and Dirt is to die for. Olive oil and Dirt on wings with a cold beer is unbeatable. I don't know what's in your Dirt but when I use it my family and friends think I'm a gourmet cook. It has literally replaced the salt and pepper on our dinner table. Simply put, Todd's Dirt is the best seasoning I've come across. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves tasty food.

Thanks Dirt Man!!

                                                                                (Severna Park, Maryland)

    Hey Dirt Man:

What the heck is in the Dirt.  Man is this seasoning fantastic.  I have never tasted anything like it.  You are right, one of the best steak I have ever had is with the Dirt.  I use Dirt on everything.  My wife loves to use Dirt on her salad.  A little olive oil and Dirt.  Well thanks Dirt Man.
                                                                                      Carl (Maryland)
 Dirt Man:

Wanted to let you know that I used your seasoning the other day for the Army/Navy Game.  I made Navy Bean soup with your Dirt and brought it to the party.  Everyone there had at least two bowls of soup.  People were saying that they had never tasted Navy Bean soup that good before.  Every time I make something with your seasoning, everyone goes crazy over my food.  This seasoning is outstanding.  You need to start selling it down here in South Carolina.
                                                                                     Frank (South Carolina)
Todd The Dirt Man Has the Grit To Go With The Dirt: 

I wanted to let you know that I put your Todd's Dirt on my two whole chickens and my family went crazy.  My two young sons that rarely eat chicken, because they are finicky eaters.  These boys saw the chicken come out of the oven, and they said the smell was unbelievable.  I cut a piece of the chicken to taste it and I gave it to the boys.  The boys were the first to hit the table and the last ones to leave. There was nothing but bones left. Put the Todd's Dirt on thick and heavy and you will get hooked on it.  Your lips will be smacking.   I want to thank Todd's Dirt  for giving my kids an appetite.  Your Dirt is Hitten!!!! 
                                                                                     John (Laurel, MD)
 I missed this year’s food fair that you were at, but thankfully my good friend and vigilant elf JT made sure I did not   miss out on Todd’s Dirt.  Of all the Christmas gifts exchanged and shared this year, Todd’s Dirt was the most appreciated by my husband and the most used in my kitchen.

Thanks Dirt Man, I am in on this little culinary secret and all I want to do is share it, literally spread far and wide.

                                                                                 April (Washington, D.C.)

Last spring, you gave me some dirt to bring home to Texas.  In all honesty I forgot about it and it got shoved to the back of my spice cabinet, until a few weeks ago.  I was preparing to smoke a pork shoulder and pulling things together to make my rub.  As I was pulling stuff out of my spice cabinet I came across your Todd's Dirt.  At that point I decided to to use Dirt as my rub instead of the one I usually make.  8 hours later I was eating some of the best pork BBQ I have ever had and Todd's Dirt made the difference.  It wasn't anything like traditional Texas BBQ but that is what I liked about it, it was different and it was good.  Some of my friends who are native Texans and consider themselves BBQ experts (FYI, ALL Texas natives consider themselves experts on BBQ) even commented on how good it was.

I was glad to run across your website so I can order more dirt.  I used all I had on the pork and didn't want to wait until my visit to Maryland  in June to get some more.
                                                                   Scott (Dallas, TX)


Hey Dirty Todd, 
I ran out of my Dirt and I need some more.  You know how much I love your seasonings.  Now the entire family loves Dirt.  We put Dirt on everything now.  My kids love it on Pizza.  We bought crabs the other day and I put the dirt in the butter like you suggested.  I dipped the crab meat and I thought I was in heaven.  Your Todd's Dirt has taken over my spice cabinet.

                                                                                 Jen (Maryland)



WOW, I'm blown away, I have so many spices in my cabinet and have spent SO much on expensive seasonings but I have to tell you, your DIRT is the best on EVERYTHING !  This weekend I've tried it on steaks, and corn on the cob
it was amazing, my husband said it was the best corn he had ever had, then we moved onto wings ala dirt this evening and just the best.  I actually have ribs cooking RIGHT NOW with your DIRT on them.  WE'RE HOOKED !!
THANKS and Congrats to you !!

                                                                            Kori (Hughesville, Maryland)